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After a back injury at the end of 2015 I had to rest and stop my physical work as a mobile holistic therapist for a few months. Now resting is/was very difficult for me especially when you are self employed and enjoy what you do!
First you wonder what to do all day....so I went for my daily walks as suggested and suddenly I found myself at the shores of beautiful Lake Windermere which is just a few minutes to walk from our house.
Surrounded by all that wonderful and unique driftwood I started wondering if I could make something with it...and so the first driftwood seahorse was born - followed by driftwood hearts and more...
This is where the name Driftwood Girl was born :)
I started practicing yoga and meditation in 2005 on a long holiday in New Zealand and I was straight away fascinated in the yoga way of life.
And only a few years ago on my first yoga retreat to Spain I learnt more about the yoga philosophy which I find is even more fascinating :)
Finding that inner peace from my meditations helps me a lot to cope with changes in life - business and private.
My passion is being outside in the nature anyway and practicing yoga and meditation. So creating Driftwood Art and the Yoga Jewellery is very therapeutic for me :)
As a little girl I always liked playing with beads, marbles and mum's jewellery as every girl love doing I guess. Remember dressing up as a princess with mum's jewellery around my neck....
So in 2016 I ordered one of these starter kits and tried making some necklaces and bracelets.
I loved doing it so much that I started to buy more and more good quality beads and material as you learn with every item as you go along. ..
However I always loved the Mala Beads and the Yoga Jewellery. Inspired by my lovely local yoga teachers in Windermere who always wear beautiful Mala Beads, I started to make Yoga Bracelets, Yoga Jewellery and Malas.
Since then I choose carefully my beads and items I order. I only buy good quality rather than quantity. I order my material from all over the world like Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Turkey, United States, India, Thailand and The Philippines and more...
Most of the wooden beads for the Yoga Malas come from India, Thailand and The Philippines. The recent Yoga Malas are made from Materials that come directly from Nepal and Tibet. A friend came back with a big bag of wonderful amazing beads and pendants for me :)
So grateful for this...
A little update: I recently went to beautiful India on an amazing yoga retreat (February 2018) and carefully hand picked beautiful beads and material from lovely shops off the beaten track :)
Thank you so much for visiting my website :)
Namaste x

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